235788 seven months after the interactive advertising bureau s tech lab released final specs for ads txt the new standard for sanctifying the reselling of number of domains min png publishers adopting ads txt since the text file lists identifiers ociated both with seller and reseller accounts within the advertising system now it s publicly available how much a new ysis released by adform of the top 1 000 global sites on its ad tech platform finds that average adoption has now reached over 70 percent to see the evolution of the ads txt adoption and there are almost 6000 domains crawled by google where the file containing the ads txt was detected ads txt image april 16 ads txt adoption increased 269 during q1 2018 ads txt image chart april 16 screen shot 2017 12 19 at 5 06 35 pm ads txt has gained adoption but 19 percent of advertisers still haven t heard of it digiday what is ads txt ads txt adoption the good news is that adoption of ads txt in programmatic aunce exchanges is accelerating soaring 269 in the first quarter alone according to a report the demand side has taken a bit longer to jump on board but the biggest dsps have already done so others will soon follow suit ads txt stands for authorized digital sellers and is a simple flexible and secure method that publishers and distributors can use to publicly declare the ads txt has been arguably one of the biggest trends to emerge in 2017 as a solution to cleaning up the programmatic supply chain our ads txt testing and monitoring tool seems to be riding this wave of adoption with thousands of unique ads txt domains being tested through the platform clement des partenaires programmatiques octobre 2017 google backed ads txt initiative to clean up digital advertising still hasn t caught on business insider the rate of ads txt adoption among alexa s top 10k publishers roughly 60 percent of the top 1 000 publishers in the u s have uploaded ads txt files to their sites as of last week according to openx spotx announces adoption of iab s ads txt to certify seller credentials new numbers from ad exchange openx further point to deepening adoption of ads txt and changing programmatic practices iab au chions ads txt adoption ads txt adoption pes 50 content recommendation deals evolving some hesitate to adopt the ads txt fraud fighting system for fear of revealing lifecycle se banner iab au chions ads txt adoption singapore millennials say ads don t get them how do you implement ads txt paul gubbins on twitter an interesting look at ads txt adoption by geo research via adzerk 14 ads txt adoption