upstream open reading frame ated regulation of translation scientific diagram a alternative sites of translation initiation may be found in the 5 transcript leader and may initiate translation of a short upstream open reading frame genome annotation sequence conventions and reading frames nucleotide sequence and amino acid residue translation of the open reading frame of rana paris skin kininogen 1 rpsk 1 deduced from cdna cloned from a starorf screenshot with dna sequence the n terminus third reading frame translation of bla g bd90k from b germanica genbank accession number l47595 aligned with the n terminus of cr pii3 figure 8 34 predicting open reading frames orfs in a dna sequence a bacterial orfs each predicted orf in this 1 600 bp sequence begins with aug or translation of the pdyn sequence from zebrafish zfpdyn the following moieties from the open reading frame are highlighted opioid peptides marked and a schematic pathway showing the mechanism of trans translation the transfer messenger rna small protein b elongation factor tu gtp tmrna smpb ef tu gtp difference between monocistronic and polycistronic mrna parison summary a cdna sequence and amino acid translation of the longest open reading frame of pb99 2 the nucleotides in italics represent the sequence of exon 5 six frame translation bioinformatics hi res image steve graepel figshare a translation control scheme the protein output of an mrna is dictated by the translation reading frame 1 prf switches direct the ribosome s reading frames nucleotide sequence of the lipase from t thermohydrosulfuricus and open reading frame translation only the coding strand for lipase1 is shown pic the importance of reading frames translation in all six reading frame from both dna starnds variation of genetic code table reading frame overview codon usage ysis 007450478 1 48ba5c30fdbe2970f30b80c3b2cb3a66 png full size image the reading frame is considered to start here other codons tell the ribosome to stop translating the mrna into protein figure s2 the reading frame targeted by transposition dictates the residues inserted a the translation of the insertion depends on both the frame of a schematic diagram of the genomes of two clyvv variants cl30 and rb the polyprotein expressed from the genome is processed into p1 helper ponent