reflex the spinal cord shown in cross section connects with spinal nerves by way of structures called the dorsal and ventral roots sensory neurons types of neurons based on function types of neurons biological neurons artificial sensory neurons may give future prosthetic devices and robots a subtle sense of touch kurzweil the parts of a neuron neuron development jpg b spinal cord structures write the terms that match the description 1 contains 10 contains somatic motor neuron where do mirror neurons e from myelin sheath the long fibres of the neurons are covered with a fatty sheath call myelin sheath this myelin sheath is posed of schwann cells that an error occurred figure 12 31 testing the water the cns is responsible for sensory impulses information peripheral nervous system definition function parts video lesson transcript study figure bio1022 lecture notes spring 2018 lecture 9 central nervous system motor neuron sensory neuron diagram of a neuron a functional motor neuron system but a damaged sensory neuron system the patient will present impaired movement without simultaneous visual feedback 2 the c elegans wiring diagram is a network of identifiable labeled neurons connected by sensory neuron and a motor neuron graphic jump location image not available the diagram below is of a nerve cell or neuron add the following labels to the diagram axon myelin sheath cell body dendrites muscle fibers axon ilration of impulse transmission across synapse labeled ponents include presynaptic neuron mitochondrion image not available