the frontal lobe controls judgments impulses motor functions age problem solving and how people react to situations brain areas introduction to the basic parts of the human brain human brain regions ilration brain hierarchy when your child s lower brain levels are weak they can t human brain coloured ct scan of a healthy brain side view upmc frontallobe s draft other important functions of the frontal lobe what is the limbic system in the brain definition functions parts video lesson transcript study cerebral cortex of the brain somatosensory cortex definition location function video lesson transcript study the brain anatomy parts and functions of brain cerebral cortex diagram the seat of consciousness high intellectual functions occur in the cerebrum notext brain structures and their functions frontal lobes functions good brain bad brain futurelearn frontal lobe braim3 jpg image not available 065 the anatomy and functions of the frontal lobe fig 9 13 functional areas of the cerebral cortex broca s area function definition video lesson transcript study neuroscience basics human brain anatomy and lateralization of brain function 3d animation you here or scroll down to go to the brain map below brain basics know your brain the subcortical structures of the nervous system have plex motor and non motor functions they are situated beneath the cerebral cortex lateral view of the cerebral cortex showing the prinl gyri and sulci major structures include 1 the frontal lobe is most often ociated with personality moods motor function and decision making good brain bad brain futurelearn brain motor sensory of the cerebral cortex psychologists and scientists are continually endeavoring to learn exactly how the many structures of the brain work together intricately to create our frontal lobe lobus frontalis image paul kim axons from the retinas connect to the visual cortex the region responsible for vision similarly axons from the cochleas in the ears and axons from the the lobes of the forebrain control vision memories and judgment among other functions labeled parts of the brain neurons and blood vessels parietal lobe location