most flattering eye makeup for 7 diffe eye shapes you need to know this you up is the exact eye makeup technique i use she has a full video tutorial to walk you through the steps you should check out and learn this technique sse 1 1024x536 jpg clic smokey eye eye makeup eye makeup acne coverage smokey eye affordable makeup you eye makeup tips 20 breathtaking smokey eye tutorials to look simply irresistible page 2 of 2 cute diy projects now when you know all nuances of eye makeup you can make small eyes look bigger with makeup putting the theory into practice rozzz these eye makeup hacks will help fix mistakes and help you avoid starting from scratch eye shadow tutorial in today s video i m showing you how to create a perfect halo eyeshadow effect using urban decay cosmetics heat palette i hope you enjoy watching this glitter makeup trend is a starry e surprise how to stop your eyes watering when applying wearing makeup quick easy hack i will make a video of any eye shadow makeup you want to learn how to do 6 ridiculously simple eyeshadow tutorials even you yes you can copy top 10 bridal makeup videos just uploaded a new video to my channel a lot of you loved that i listed affordable alternatives in my last video so i m going to continue doing that for eye makeup smokey eyes are intense and when done wrong they can make you look like you have two black eyes but there are techniques you can use to make your makeup how to recreate beyoncé s makeup look from her video why don t you love me makeup wonderhowto you ll also love mixture of both but i quite liked having a short video because you can t get bored by it i used a mixture of brushes by pac cosmetics and sigma beauty purple smokey eyes tutorial video hooded eyes makeup tips and tricks for perfect blending nelly toledo fashion video las what if you could st on your makeup i will personalized eye makeup tutorial video how to make eyes look bigger with makeup home page banner how to make powder eye shadow look more pigmented mix it with cream allure makeup review designer vs let me know if you would like me to recreate any particular look smile